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Preparing for the Perfect Spray Tan: Tips for Flawless Results with Mine Tan Pro Mists

Welcome to Native Skin Bar! Achieving a flawless, perfect spray tan, featuring Mine Tan Pro Mists, starts with proper preparation. Here, we share essential tips to ensure your spray tan looks even, natural, and long-lasting. Follow these steps to get the best results from your spray tan session.

model holding mine tan pro spray mist bottle for custom spray tanning

1. Exfoliate Thoroughly

Why Exfoliation is Key: Exfoliating your skin before your spray tan is crucial. It removes dead skin cells, ensuring an even application and preventing patchy results. Focus on areas with rough skin, like elbows, knees, and ankles.

How to Exfoliate: Use a gentle, oil-free exfoliator or a body scrub. Avoid products containing oils or moisturizing agents, as these can leave a residue on your skin and affect the tan’s adherence. The Hydropeptide Glow Revive Body Wash is an excellent choice.

2. Shave or Wax Ahead of Time

Timing Matters: Shave or wax at least 24 hours before your spray tan session. This allows your skin to recover from any potential irritation and ensures your pores have closed, preventing a speckled appearance.

Avoid Irritation: Shaving or waxing immediately before your tan can cause skin irritation, which might affect the application and appearance of your tan.

3. Skip the Lotion and Deodorant

Clean Skin is Essential: On the day of your spray tan, avoid applying any lotions, oils, deodorants, or perfumes. These products can create a barrier on your skin, leading to uneven tanning results.

Focus on Moisturizing: While it’s important to keep your skin hydrated in the days leading up to your spray tan, skip the moisturizer on the day of your appointment. This ensures the tanning solution adheres properly to your skin.

4. Wear Loose, Dark Clothing

Comfort and Protection: After your spray tan, wear loose, dark clothing to prevent the tan from rubbing off and to avoid staining lighter fabrics. Tight clothing can cause friction, leading to an uneven tan, though this is not likely.

Easy On and Off: Choose clothing that’s easy to remove to avoid any unnecessary contact with your freshly tanned skin immediately after the session.

5. Plan Your Activities

Avoid Water and Sweat: For at least 1-3 hours after your spray tan, avoid activities that cause sweating, swimming, or showering. This allows the tan to develop fully and evenly. The rinse time will be discussed at the time of your tan.

Timing Your Session: Schedule your spray tan appointment for a time when you can comfortably avoid water and sweat for the recommended period. Many people find that an evening appointment works well, allowing the tan to develop overnight, if desired.

6. Follow Post-Tan Care

Hydration is Key: After your spray tan has developed and you’ve had your first shower, keep your skin moisturized to extend the life of your tan. Use a gentle, oil-free moisturizer to maintain your glow. The Lumi Firm Lotion from Hydropeptide provides excellent hydration as well as firms and tones the skin.

Gentle Cleansing: When showering, use mild, sulfate-free body washes and avoid scrubbing your skin to prevent premature fading of your tan.

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